Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Twitter For Advertising

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Twitter For Advertising 1

Twitter Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages – The impact of Twitter on online marketing of businesses and brands has been growing by the day. Twitter has grown into a convenient and effective platform whereby business owners can communicate with millions of users around the world, gaining brand awareness and creating an identity for their business. For those new to Twitter marketing and its implications it is essential that you understand the advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide whether or not to use it for your business.

In order to understand the benefits and disadvantages of using Twitter you have to first understand what Twitter is. Twitter is basically a micro blogging site where millions of users have signed up to share information and interact with others. Some of the top users are people such as Barack Obama, Nick Clegg, and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Rihanna.

One of the advantages of using Twitter for advertising is that you are able to reach millions of potential customers all at once, without having to spend a penny on advertising. Businesses can build a relationship with millions of users, which helps in creating a viral effect with your advertisements. When you use Twitter marketing as part of your advertising campaign you are effectively creating a viral effect whereby your customers will spread the word about your products and services to their friends and this can then help to create a massive network effect.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using Twitter is that it can become quite addictive and many users end up spending time on the site daily. This can easily be avoided by limiting yourself to posting relevant information on a regular basis. Another disadvantage of using Twitter is that most users have limited knowledge of online marketing and the information that they post is often poorly written.

Facebook is an online social networking website that have gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the past few years, but there are also disadvantages associated with Facebook as well. Whilst it does provide you with a good platform for building a good relationship with your customers and potential customers it can also lead to an inability to interact with your existing customers and potential customers because you are unable to leave feedback on your profile or provide customer service.

Another disadvantage of Facebook is that it can become very difficult to keep up with the large volumes of information that it offers. With Twitter you will receive an instant response to your tweet. There are no interruptions and you can respond to any questions and replies quickly. This means that you will be able to respond directly to your customers as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the status update to show up on their wall.

The main advantage of using Twitter for marketing is that you can use it to gain a massive following of loyal customers. Whilst you may not be able to give them any free advice, it can be easy to find out how they think about your products or services are far quicker than if you were using a traditional internet search.

The main disadvantage of using Twitter is that you are unable to offer a personalised service and you may find that you cannot get as many customers in your inbox as you would have liked. Whilst it can be difficult to follow up with customers, the majority of people on Twitter will be interested in reading and replying to your tweets so it is unlikely that they will forget them. You can get in touch with customers on a regular basis, which helps to increase brand recall and reputation for your business.

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