2nd Interview Thank You Email – Let’s Talk About This

2nd Interview Thank You Email - Let's Talk About This 1

In my first job I received a 2nd interview thank you email. At the time I was quite impressed, but today this is not such a good thing to receive.

2nd interview thank you email

I found myself in an interview after working on the job for several weeks and making no improvement. My manager asked me if I would like to get an interview for my position and I said, “Yes, I think I can give them another try.” My supervisor thought that was a little much to ask but I gave it a shot anyway.

When the second interview came, I asked if I could be on time. The first interview started at 8 am, so I figured it was okay. The second interview started at noon, so I was extremely late and left at noon. I was asked to leave immediately.

The next day I was called into the interview and told that I had to be there at the appointed time. The only problem was I had already been at the office and was running late. I was asked to leave. I did leave but not before receiving a 2nd interview thank you email.

What had happened the day before was that when I arrived at the office to take the second interview, I went to speak with the person who was answering the phones. The phone rang and the other person answered. I could tell this person was trying to catch me out and waited patiently while she spoke with him for a few minutes.

Then she started to ask me questions about my hobbies and interests and asked me if I was a business professional. When I said, “Yes, I am” I asked if I could get a coffee. After that she started to talk about me and asked me where I worked and what positions I held. She wanted to know everything about me.

Remember that first interview? I was very nervous and felt a little silly when I opened the door to get dressed and handed a business card with the person’s name on it. I’m not sure what I was expecting. It could have been a huge hug and a kiss. Instead I got a phone call.

I guess this is the way the world is today and the people we want to thank for our business cards are not so smart as to answer the phone. I was asked to leave, and then to wait at the door and see if I would be called in to give a second interview. My phone rang and I answered it.

I got this voicemail and the person said that I would not be called back because I did not give the second interview the best shot. I told them that was terrible and that I needed to have the interview for my position. I will never forget the sounds of sadness and the person’s voice said “I guess I should not have called you in the first place.”

That second interview thank you email that I received was not so good either. I’ll never forget the voice that said “Good luck!” Then I got another call from the same person and was told I was hired. As an employer, I am not so lucky anymore.

This is what my company needs. Thank you emails are great, but these days I don’t need to get one before I go to work. If you can’t make it to your second interview thank you letter before you leave the office, there is no use trying. Give it your best and take care of yourself.

I was in the first group to receive a thank you and I was one of the last ones to receive it. It was just so nice to hear the words and really mean a lot to me. I wish I could go back in time and give myself a hand-written thank you letter, but since I cannot, at least I can share this story with you.

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